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Guatemalan vice-president opens the camera system installed by SICE for SAT customs control
Dr Rafael Espada, Vice-President of the Republic, opens the new “Secure Customs” control tools at Santo Tomás de Castilla customs post
August 2, 2010 // Santo Tomás de Castilla Customs Post, Puerto Barrios, Izabal (Guatemala)

The system installed by SICE for the SAT (Guatemalan Tax Authority) consists of 50 video cameras, a digital information-storage system and control software.

The equipment will monitor all cargo entering and leaving the port, streamlining goods in transit, and its high definition means that the bar codes, brands and types of goods being transported can be read from the control cabin.

This system will also save time, as there is no longer any need for form-filling by hand: by holding them up to the camera they can be copied and filed.

The aim of Secure Customs is to improve all levels of customs-services management, facilitating customs-exit processes and improving the port’s productivity to make it more competitive.

The opening ceremony was attended by the chairman of the Management Board, project coordinator Roberto Diaz Duran, customs officer Raul Diaz, the managing director of SAT resources management, Juan Francisco de León, the Institutional Security Manager, Juan Jose Marín, and Armando Besh, representing the Guatemalan business community

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